Hello Hello Hello!

Mélissa Peng aka Curly Executive here.

Thank You SO MUCH for visiting my website today. I look forward to connecting with you online, meeting you 1:1, or seeing you at an event very soon!

This website and the worksheets, webinars, and list of services you see here are the culmination of the last 4 years of building my personal side hustles, leaving a successful corporate career, and working with private clients to help them build business from the ground up!

In 2019 I hope to translate my 10+ years of experience in corporate marketing into practical bite sized chunks that you can you use in your daily business planning.

I know this probably isn’t the first business coaching website you’ve been on so I have outlined 5 things that make me different below and why I hope you’ll consider spending a little more time with me on this page, in my live webinars and coaching programs, and on my YouTube channel!

What makes me different?

  1. I have over a decade of varied experience from home based businesses to corporate marketing.

    My journey in marketing started at the ripe young age of 8, selling products door to door with my mother! In my teens I graduated to home based businesses and network marketing companies. After college and graduating with my MBA I started in management with fortune 500 companies. I eventually made it all the way to Director of Engagement Marketing before packing up my bags and family for Austin, Texas vowing never to spend more than 25% of my time working for other people ever again. So far it’s working out.

  2. I am an entrepreneur — and I am not just talking about this company.

    A lot of the folks you see out there will sell you on their success at selling the product they are trying to sell you… I am not. In addition to Curly Executive I’m a maker with a flower hair accessories business, I have a dance workshop series I run twice a month, a couples vlog, and I am about to launch 2 more brands. I know varied business models, the challenges, the tools, and I keep all these experiences in mind when I build my programs.

  3. I have a degree in this stuff and it happens to be from MIT.

    I have a Masters in Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management. My focus was, of course, in marketing. While I don’t believe that a degree is a requirement or event important - I do believe I have a firm grasp on some core marketing concepts all business owners need to know. Often times I have found that the million dollar ideas come from focusing on the basics.

  4. I am not a one trick pony.

    Marketing is fun and broad and I like to get nerdy with it! I won’t try to push you to one specific course or direction — just this month I’m offering 15 webinars for you to fill your cup with! I repeat: My goal this year— bite sized chunks of everything I can fit in from my 10 years… all for you :)!

  5. I genuinely want to help people.

    As the daughter of an entrepreneur, the friend of several entrepreneurs, and a small business owner myself I have seen too many people get into debt trying to grow their businesses. We live in a country (for my US based peeps) where over 60% of people don’t have enough in their savings to cover a $500 emergency. It makes my heart ache every time I meet a client who spent hundreds or thousands of their hard earned dollars on courses or programs that didn’t work for them from sources that were less than trustworthy.

My Commitment to You:

  1. Free Resources

    In 2019 I am committing to weekly YouTube content that provides you with core principles of marketing. We’ll also be doing Mindset Monday session to keep you motivated as you pursue your passions.

  2. Accessible DIY Content

    I will be created regular DIY friendly worksheets to help you with your marketing strategy over the course of the year. The value you can gain from these sheets could mean millions of dollars for you but I am offering them to you for $7 or less.

    Why? Because 1) I believe that with the right marketing strategy $7 can be way more than enough and 2) It isn’t about the money for me. I have seen too many people with amazing ideas and no resources. Everyone can find $7 or go out and earn it. If you can’t email me at— I have some ideas and I also have 2 dedicated pro bono hours a week.

  3. Accessible Live Content

    In addition to worksheets we are going to do Webinars — 45 minutes of wonderful marketing content chock full of the good stuff LIVE with me + 15 minutes of Q&A. Those are set at $25 (1/10th of my hourly rate) so take advantage. I will also sell the recordings in the future for even less.

  4. Commitment to Quality

    Even though I plan to keep the cost low the quality never falters. I am a perfectionist at heart (even though I am not perfect by any means) and I put all of me in the work that I do because I truly LOVE marketing.

  5. A Dose of Real Life

    I am not going to try and wow you with pictures of how I am living a fabulous life or with big revenue numbers that don’t take into account the cost of doing business. I am never going to pretend that I am not working my butt off along side you or spend an hour doing my makeup to hide the bags under my eyes after a long week of work when I don’t have the time to…

    If you follow me you will see what my version of living my best life looks like. You will certainly see some beautiful travel pics, some DIY house projects, and the wonderful results that come from putting the time in, but you will also see everything that’s under the iceberg and the work it takes to get here. I won’t sugar coat it, we’ll just get it done.

If you have made it to the end of of this! THANK YOU. Believe it or not it’s hard for me to talk about me and it’s the first time I have tried to put this to paper. I truly hope you found it helpful.

I am passionate about helping small business owners and hope to get a chance to work with you soon! Feel free to drop a comment and do reach out at with any questions.

If this wasn’t enough and you’d like to know more specifics about my marketing experience and companies feel free to check out the About page or follow me on Linkedin.

Finally don’t leave without grabbing my free Cash Money Questions worksheet or swinging by the worksheet library for a Freebie or two!

Have a blessed day!!