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Cash Money Questions ABROAD!

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel you are missing out! In addition to our regular Mindset Monday and Weekly 1:1s this year we took some of our top Cash Money Questions on vacation to Paris, Milan, and the Italian countryside. Cash Money Questions is my FREE worksheet — when explored throughly it can help you develop your perfect marketing strategy. Want some 1:1 help diving into these questions? Book me for a Power Session. Before you leave be sure to check my live webinars, choose the recorded option if you can’t make it in person! My next Live Cash Money Questions webinar is September 17th.

Haven’t downloaded the Cash Money Questions worksheet yet? Scroll to the bottom below and get your copy!


#1 What is my minimum viable product?

#2 What makes my product special or different

#4 what is one stand out item I offer my customer that gets them to give me their personal information?

#3 Does My pricing make sense for my customer?

#5 what is my primary DISTRIBUTION channel?

#6 Where is one unexpected place my consumer learns about or can purchase my product?

#7 What is my product’s biggest strength vs its closest alternative?’

#8 What is my product’s biggest weakness?

#9 which businesses have the same target as me but a different product than me?

#10 how can i incentivize collaborators to take action?

#11 who is my target customer?

#12 what need is my product FULFILLING for my target customer?

#13 Is there something my customers regularly ask for that I am not providing?


#15 is there a problem in the industry that my product solves or that my product should be solving?


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Kickstart your marketing today with my Free Cash Money questions worksheet. As a bonus I have also included a list of 10 things you can do to get started on your marketing journey today!

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