Video Requirement

In order to submit a complete application, you will need to post a video on your YouTube channel and provide a link on the second page of the grant application. In the video, be sure to address these things:

  1. What makes YOU a badass, why should we invest in YOU?

  2. Name 3 reasons Texas needs your business and should support it

  3. Who does your business help?

  4. What specific area of marketing will the grant support?

  5. Why do you believe Curly Executive’s coaching and BBATX’s programming will help you?

Additional details for the video:

  • Owner of the business must be featured

  • Video budget must be under $20

  • Video must be posted and shared publicly on YouTube

  • Title of video must include #BBATX Curly Executive Grant


The first page of the grant will cover questions 1-15. When you go to the next page, you will answer questions 16-17 and provide a link to your YouTube video.

You will be asked to provide the following information or answer the following questions in the grant questionnaire:

  1. Email address

  2. Name

  3. Preferred Pronouns

  4. Racial Ethnicity

  5. Location

  6. Business Name

  7. Business ownership

  8. Business location and address

  9. Type of business location (office, brick-and-mortar, etc)

  10. Length of time you’ve been in business

  11. A link to your business site or social media platform

  12. How does your business and business practices align with BBATX core tenets and values? If so, which ones and why? (Please see all of our tenets at

  13. How would you describe your business model?

  14. What barriers are you currently facing with your business? How are you preparing to combat those barriers?

  15. Is your business currently profitable? If so, why or why not? (There are no wrong answers.)

  16. Link to a budget detailing how you would use this micro-grant

  17. In 200 words or less please tell us about a time when you faced a challenge in your business or life and how you overcame it.