client testimonials

I absolutely love working with all my clients and do everything I can to provide as much value as I can in the time we have together whether is 15 minutes or a few months! Check out some feedback below from past clients and event attendees.


I had a one on one meeting with Mélissa to discuss my handmade business. She dissected my business, told me what I was doing right AND wrong, and offered me methods to get my business on the right path towards my goals. And she did ALL this in just a 15 minute meeting; providing strategies that I had been trying to figure out on my own for years. Mélissa is excellent! She has this great ability to analyze your current business situation and offer honest and smart advice to improve it. Meeting with Mélissa totally changed how I approach and run my business now!!!
— Lori Thomson
I had the privilege of taking Mélissa’s Marketing Strategy class at Craftcation: Business & Maker’s Conference. Not only was her class incredibly informative, but she was warm and receptive to listening to my concerns and issues about my business. After her class I immediately signed up for a one-on-one session with her because I wanted her ear all to myself. She did NOT disappoint. That 20 min session was so jam packed that it literally blew my mind. I was able to record our session and listened to it over and over and over again when I got home from the conference to help me put a plan of action in place. She literally changed the trajectory of my business and gave me confidence like I’d never before experienced.
— Katie MacAvoy
Working with Mélissa recently was truly a pleasure—creatively she has an incredible eye for beauty and branding—not to mention a warm and inviting spirit that made our collaboration that more enjoyable and inspiring!
— Joe Brown (Stroll Groove of NBC’s World of Dance)
I’ve had the pleasure of both hearing Mélissa speak and having one-on-one consulting with her. I’ve sat in many conferences and Mélissa is by far the one of the best speakers I’ve heard. She’s not just motivational, she gives you grounded steps to move forward. As a consultant, in her sessions, she is laser focused on you and your needs and dreams. You walk away with a fire in your belly and the ground work set hit the road running.
— Rena Cotti
Mélissa was the best partner one could ask for - for our SS16 and SS17 presentations during the New York Fashion Week, Mélissa was involved in several aspects of the event production, including casting, music curation, press and choreography. She single-handedly took charge of creating the motion design of the entire presentation and led all 10+ models through training and rehearsal under an almost-impossible timeline. Her creativity, leadership and communication skills enabled her to play a crucial role throughout the fashion event and greatly contributed to its successful outcome.
— Weishi Li
Mélissa Peng is a branding and advertising guru! Working with Mélissa is like watching a fine-tuned machine operate with accuracy and efficiency. I am excited for the direction my business will take after working with her expertise.
— Kristy Harris